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Immediate concern for the isolated populations after Mozambique floods

War in Gaza:: find out how we're responding
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MSF is currently active in Mozambique in the Gaza province, west of Maputo. In total, there are 12 MSF ex-pats there.

Flooding has affected the entire Gaza province to some degree. The Limpopo River, which runs through the western section of the province, has water levels of five meters in some sections - well above the norm for the river.

The severity of flooding means most humanitarian aid has been focused on reaching isolated populations still stranded due to flooding as well as delivering food and clean water to the available population.

MSF teams are active with one Zodiac (inflatable boat with outboard motor) rescuing people who have found safety in the trees that are still above the water level. Future immediate activities will include using a helicopter to assist in rescue and medical care.

Reports are that the water level is receding in Maputo. MSF, in co-operation with the Mozambique Ministry of Health, is closely watching the resident population for signs of cholera. Three cases have been identified so far.