Interview with MSF Head of Mission, Christine Jamet


"Yesterday we started by supplying medical kits to treat wounded people in different health structures. When the violence started between demonstrators and military forces we concentrated our efforts in two medical structures that were the closest ones to the violence.

"We supplied medical kits and medical human resources to manage all the wounded that were arriving in the structure. Yesterday we received around 300 wounded that came through the emergency room in the main hospital and we received 15 in the smallest health centre.

"For the moment, we are preparing for further events. We are all shocked by the violence we saw yesterday, we were not expecting to see so much violence. So we don’t know what will be the future, we prefer to get prepared and supply kits and prepare medical staff in case anything happens.

"Today we are sending two ambulances to go in different suburbs to see if some people are wounded and are needing transport to reach medical facilities. Everybody is shocked, we don’t know what the future will be."