Deir Hassan Camp

Displaced people face a desperate situation in Idlib

Over the three past months, almost one million people, according to the UN, have been displaced by bombing and shelling in Idlib province, northwestern Syria.

Displaced people, many of whom have been forced to move several times, face a desperate situation.

On the news and on social media, we see how the whole world is concerned about a disease from China and is taking precautions to stay safe from it. We have diseases here that are more difficult. Hussein Al-Wardah, Deir Hassan camp manager

With a cold and wet winter, and four to five families living in a tent, people in Deir Hassan camp are falling ill with diseases like scabies and cutaneous leishmaniasis, while those with existing chronic illnesses, like diabetes, are finding it difficult to get treatment.

Médecins Sans Frontières is responding and is asking the Turkish government to allow our staff and essential items to cross the border into Syria so we can provide assistance.


Dire conditions in Deir Hassan camp, Syria

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