Natural disasters

Details of MSF activity in Asian earthquake zone as teams increase in number

There are 41 MSF expats currently working in the field in Pakistan, the worse hit country in the Asian earthquake. Another 31 en route today and the coming days. In addition, there are dozens of national staff who are working atthe earthquake locations.

In India, ten staff are supported by 53 national staff.

Activities in Pakistan

Muzaffarabad: An MSF team composed of two national logistic staff reached Muzaffarabad Sunday evening and assessed the situation. By Monday morning, additional staff and an emergency medical kit (basic emergency health care for 10.000 people) arrived to reinforce the team.

All the health structures in town have collapsed. Mobile teams are providing medical assistance in town in the areas of high concentration of people (such the people in homeless camps).The team is also setting up a semi-fixed clinics with capacity for 2,000-3,000 patients.

There are now three mobile teams at the location doing 80 to 100 consultations per day. As more aid arruives in the town, the plan is for the team to move further into remote areas allowing other organsations to take on the area where MSF leaves.

Lamnian - This afternoon, a team of four (three expats and one local doctor) plus emergency medical items were brought to Lamnian,a village south east of Muzaffarabad by helicopter. This is the same village where MSF had been setting up its new Kashmir project base that was destroyed by the earthquake.

At the moment in Pakistan military helicopters and white UN helicopter are being used.

The village is completely destroyed. Its population, plus the people in surrounding settlements, is estimated at about 25,000. The team will start treating wounded and sick people immediately and will remain based there for the time being. A second cargo by helicopter is planned for Lamnian on Thursday with about three and a half tons of relief material, including blankets, mats, soap.

Bagh: An MSF team arrived in Bagh on Wednesday. The town seems to be one of the worst affected (90% of buildings destroyed or severely damaged according to estimations) The second part of the team and some equipment (tents, medical material including one emergency kit for 10.000 displaced for three months) will follow tomorrow / Thur by helicopter.

Abottabat: On Tuesday, MSF has sent an explo team to Abbottabad. Current situation: The district hospital with 600 beds has partly collapsed. Patients are still kept inside on ground floor. Supplies are available but they are completely overloaded.

Mansehra: In Mansehra the MSF explo team found a situation similar to the one in Abotobat. The district hospital is not functioning and tents are being set up in a field for patients.