Violence in Buenaventura
As a result of the peace process, there has been in a decrease in the number of clashes between armed groups, but civilians continue to be caught up in violence as criminal organisations fight for control of territory.

The population is exposed to murder, forced displacement, extortion, sexual violence and confinement.

In 2016, our teams focused on the urban areas of Tumaco and Buenaventura. We offered psychological support to people affected by violence exercised in the context of organised crime and by armed groups that have arisen in the current post-conflict situation.

Teams also provided comprehensive care for victims of sexual violence.

In 2019
Emercengy team in Colombia
The intervention that made the biggest impact on me was responding to the landslide in Mocoa. Sulaith Auzaque, coordinator of MSF's emergency team in Colombia.

“The violence hasn't eased, it’s just changed its name”

Violence in Nariño, Colombia

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MSF in Nariño

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MSF in Nariño
Social violence and exclusion

Violence in southwestern Colombia leaves people struggling to access assistance

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Venezuelan migrants in Arauca

Venezuelan migrants at a crossroads on the Colombian border

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Venezuelan migrants in Colombia: an unattended crisis

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Women and girls prevented from having a safe abortion

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