CNN: The End of AIDS: A Global Summit with President Clinton

The broadcast, The End of AIDS: A Global Summit with President Clinton, a CNN feature, will be broadcast on all CNN outlets Saturday and Sunday, April 29/30.

MSF will be present on the panel with two representatives.

Dr Eric Goemaere is the Head of Mission for MSF in South Africa and spearheaded the Khayelitsha Project, offering life-saving anti-retroviral threatment to patients living in the South African township.

Thembi Ngubane, is just 19 and lives in Khayelitsha. She recently undertook a year-long audio diary with National Public Radio.

The broadcast will be moderated by CNN Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

The panel is scheduled to be:

  • Dr. Paul Farmer, Medical anthropologist and physician, Founder Partners in Health
  • Bill Roedy, MTV Vice Chairman, Chair, Global Media AIDS Alliance
  • Richard Stearns, President, Worldvision
  • Dr. Helene Gayle, Former Gates Foundation AIDS Chief,Ã? President CARE
  • Hank McKinnell, Jr. Chairman and CEO Pfizer
  • Dr. Zeda Rosenberg, International Partnership for Microbicides
  • Dr. Eric Goemaere, MSF, Head of Mission in South Africa
  • Thembi Ngubane, 19 year old lives in one of South Africa's largest townships, a sprawling sea of houses and shacks made of wood planks, tar paper and sheets of tin. Ã? She has a boyfriend and a close relationship with her mother and father. She is also living with AIDS.
  • Richard Gere, activist/actor