Democratic Republic of Congo

Cholera during DRC violence is closely monitored along with medical and sanitation conditions

Following several days of heavy fighting between rebels and government troops, MSF teams are continuing their work in Goma and in other towns and villages in North Kivu. The organization remains very concerned about many people still on the move after fleeing recent fighting.

Some displaced people are returning to their places of origin around North Kivu. Yet many of the displaced and local residents continue to be in urgent need of food, clean water, healthcare and basic items like blankets and shelter materials.

In and around Goma, MSF teams are carefully evaluating medical and sanitation conditions. The organization is closely monitoring cholera cases and treating patients in cholera treatment centres. There have been 81 cases of cholera reported in the four camps around Goma in the past week. Cholera is endemic in parts of North Kivu.

MSF continues to send mobile clinics to Kibati, just north of Goma. With the suspension of fighting, other organizations have returned to provide clean water and food. Yet needs remain high among the displaced population and local residents affected by recent violence.

Kitchanga and Mweso are relatively calm. MSF is providing primary and secondary healthcare and running mobile clinics. The number of cholera cases reported in Kitchanga has actually declined slightly in recent days.

Teams are treating patients at the hospitals in Rutshuru and Masisi.

MSF is continuing to explore the area, identifying people with unmet health needs following recent fighting and displacement.