Natural disasters

Basic supplies being distributed in Indian-controlled Kashmir

MSF teams in the India-controlled Kashmir are continuing their efforts to treat basic injuries, provide mental health care and distribute essential basic food supplies and implements to the people affected by the Asian earthquake.

The quake measured 7.6 on the Richter Scale and has levelled entire villages.

Distribution of basic supplies is essential at this stage and, to date, MSF has distributed; 10,000 blankets; 5,000 metres of plastic sheeting; 80 tents; 10,000 sets of clothing; 7,000 bottles of water; 2 tons of food and one ton of medical supplies.

In Tangdhar district, one medical team is treating basic injuries in Bhalikut village. A relief distribution will start over the weekend for 20,000 people in the quake zone.

In four Srinagar hospitals, MSF is conducting mental health counselling, focusing on children who have come, unaccompanied, from remote areas. Trauma counselling is also taking place in existing centres.

In Uri district, MSF is supporting 395 families in Cherundu.