Natural disasters

Basic needs are all important in Asian quake epicenter

Transcript of Stellema interview: "In Lamnian, where I was until this morning, no aid has arrived yet. All the roads are inaccessible. Normally it is already a very, very remote area so it is already difficult to reach certain parts. And the houses are all very scattered over the mountains. So to bring aid to the people normally is already a little bit challenging but now it has become a complete challenge." "I asked people to give me a list because I can try and be the smart person and come up with all kinds of fancy stuff but they say, we need food, rice, flour, tents, warm clothing, blankets, warm clothing, jerry cans and cooking items. It is all very basic survival items that people need and people need to get through the winter. So I am very happy that I will be able to keep some of the promises I made today to the people. I said 'Don't worry. I will be back. I will bring help.' I am glad I can keep my promise."