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International General Assembly 2014
Associative History 1971-2011

MSF, Evolution of an International Movement

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MSF Associative History 1971-2011

This e-book series takes you on a journey of MSF's international associative history, from its inception in Paris in the early 70's, to becoming an international medical humanitarian movement.

Learn more about those 4 decades of MSF History. 

This e-book is available for free for a non-commercial use. Download it as a PDF (7 Mo), epub (for tablets and smartphones, 1Mo) or on Google play.


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Charter, principles and governance

International General Assembly 2014
About MSF

MSF Associative History: 1971 - 2011 (PDF, 7Mo) 1 Feb 2019
Associative engagement and participation among MSF staff and members.

Associative engagement and participation among MSF staff and members.

What are MSF associations?

Our actions are guided by medical ethics

Through MSF associations, members voice their opinions and contribute to the definition and implementation of MSF’s social mission. The associations safeguard the identity of MSF, ensuring that activities and operations stay true to MSF’s Charter, principles and social mission.

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This eBook was written at the request of the MSF International Board.