Outdoors support clinics, Thaker. Leer, South Sudan

Where we work

In more than 70 countries, Médecins Sans Frontières provides medical humanitarian assistance to save lives and ease the suffering of people in crisis situations. Find out more about our actions in every country below.

Yemeni chronicles
Middle East & North Africa


Discover how we deliver medical humanitarian assistance in Yemen, where indiscriminate bombings and chronic shortages of supplies and staff have led to the closure of more than half the country's health facilities.
Zambia, cholera vaccination in Lusaka


Discover how we deliver emergency assistance in Zambia, where cholera epidemics are a major public health concern.
Sexual & reproductive healthcare for adolescents in Harare (Zimbabwe)


Learn about our medical projects in Zimbabwe, where the economic situation continues to create numerous challenges for the health sector, including shortages of medical supplies and essential medicines.