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In the UK, our teams provide asylum seekers with general and mental healthcare services.

In collaboration with Doctors of the World UK, we have initiated a project to deliver general healthcare to people seeking asylum within the confines of the former military barracks at RAF Wethersfield in Essex. 

This marks the first time we have engaged in a project addressing the health needs of people seeking sanctuary within the UK. We provide comprehensive assessments of the physical and mental health requirements of asylum seekers residing at RAF Wethersfield.

Our focus remains on providing essential medical care to people seeking safety within the large-scale containment site, while simultaneously addressing broader issues related to the broken asylum system and advocating for efficient and safe processes.

We first worked in the UK between April and June 2020, having provided patient care for people with COVID-19 in London.

A Doctors of the World staff member provides care
United Kingdom

Mental health crisis unfolds at RAF Wethersfield Mass Containment Site 31 May 2024
A rubber boat leaving the French coasts to the UK
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Press Release 6 Feb 2024
MSF medics at the London COVID Care Centre
United Kingdom

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