In the UK, MSF teams work with asylum seekers to provide mental health services.

A small team of cultural mediators and mental health professionals conduct group sessions for asylum seekers housed at Napier Barracks near Dover. The barracks are in a poor condition, which has impacted people’s mental health.

A mental health phone line and individual counselling sessions are also provided, with services expected to be expanded to other locations in the UK where asylum seekers are housed.

MSF teams first worked in the UK between April and June 2020, having provided patient care for people with COVID-19 in London.

COVID-19 Care Centre - London (ENG)

COVID-19 Care Centre - London

Caring for homeless people with COVID-19 in London

During the COVID-19 pandemic, MSF teams provided medical assistance to some of the most vulnerable people in the UK through a partnership between MSF UK and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH), through nursing and logistics support at the London COVID CARE Centre, in partnership with the UCLH Find & Treat team.

MSF medics at the London COVID Care Centre
United Kingdom

MSF support to London COVID-19 care centre ends 11 Jun 2020