CAR - Slideshow: Multi-antigenes Vaccination campaign - 04
Vaccination is one of the most effective ways of preventing deadly diseases. And yet getting vaccines to where they're needed can be difficult.

High vaccine prices, import restrictions, logistical issues, and a challenging vaccination schedule are some of the reasons why many people - particularly children - miss out on being fully vaccinated against a host of dangerous diseases. As a result, 1.5 million children die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases. MSF teams vaccinate millions of people every year, either as part of routine vaccination, or in response to an outbreak of disease.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Campaign in Kinshasa
Yellow fever

Fractioning doses of yellow fever vaccine can help save more lives

Press Release 8 Jan 2021
Eshowe Rural COVID-19 Response
Access to medicines

Governments must act fast on consensus supporting historic move to suspend monopolies during pandemic

Press Release 15 Dec 2020
COVID-19 Intervention: National Public Health Laboratory, Juba
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Governments must demand pharma make all COVID-19 vaccine deals public

Press Release 11 Nov 2020
Measles outbreak in Pibor
South Sudan

Urgent vaccination campaign needed to stop spread of measles in Pibor

Press Release 3 Nov 2020
Measles Vaccination Campaign in Timbuktu

Prevention is better than cure – vaccinating against measles in Timbuktu

Project Update 27 Oct 2020
Covid unit at G point hospital
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Any future COVID-19 vaccines must be sold at cost and accessible to all

Press Release 3 Jun 2020