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Tukul has been decommissioned since the 1st of July 2020.  

Where can I find the services provided before by Tukul?

Attention:  the vacancies has not been replaced for the moment. Please refer to public MSF vacancies:

Tukul was inaugurated in 2001.  Under the stewardship of our  late friend, Miquel Maldonado, Tukul was open across MSF regardless of section. It became an essential resource from its very inception.

Now, with the dawn of Microsoft’s O365, the technological landscape has been radically transformed. Advanced functionalities, better integration and more modern user interfaces are at our fingertips. The functionalities and objectives provided by Tukul had already been overtaken by other platforms by 2018, when  the decision to decommission it  was made.

To find more information about Tukul decommissioning, please connect to its Pamoja page: