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Three months after Israeli pull-out, dread persists

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Three months after the pull-out of Israeli forces, the feeling of insecurity for the population of the former Israeli occupied zone in southern Lebanon has far from decreased.

The legacy of the war can still be felt with severe injuries and death due to the war still taking place. Recently, officials of a hospital visited by an MSF team, reported six mine-incidents. Following this event, three children were killed in a mine incident. In a third incident, one of the Lebanese Red Cross volunteers working with MSF was woken up by a neighbour carrying a man with a severed leg.

MSF is expanding its training programme to devleop mental health trainers into two new districts, some ten kilometres from the border. Although MSF only has indirect contact with patients because of this approach, the message coming from them is clear.

"(Our) report that the feeling of apprehension has not decreased over the past few months", said MSF Country Coordinator Rendt Gorter.