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Somebody help: The forgotten population of Jebel Si in North Darfur is left without healthcare as MSF struggles to continue its medical activities in the region pdf — 1.4 MB Download


In the remote Jebel Si area of North Darfur, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) runs a hospital, five health posts and a mobile clinic. These are the only health facilities in the area, and serve a permanent population of 100,000, as well as about 10,000 seasonal nomads. The majority of MSF’s patients in Jebel Si are women and children.

As the only medical organisation with a permanent presence in Jebel Si, the population is entirely dependent on MSF for healthcare and emergency assistance. MSF’s relationship with the local community is one of mutual trust and cooperation.

Now this is under threat, as a series of obstacles are seriously hampering MSF’s ability to deliver medical assistance. Vital medical and logistical supplies have been prevented from reaching the area, work permits have not been granted, and physical access of staff to the region has become increasingly difficult.

As a result of these obstacles, MSF has been forced to scale down its activities dramatically. Unless urgent steps are taken to rectify the situation, the people of Jebel Si will be faced with the reality of a future without essential healthcare.

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Press Release 22 May 2012