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SARS protection supplies donated to Hong Kong hospital authority

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MSF has donated 40 boxes of various protection materials to the Hospital Authority to support medical staff in dealing the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in Hong Kong.

The protection items include goggles, caps, protection gowns and masks were donated to the Hospital Authority in Hong Kong on Wednesday, April 9. This equipment (valued at HK$160,000) can equip 10 medical staff working in a high-risk environment for 10 days.

MSF has extensive experience in dealing with infectious diseases. In treating patients with SARS in Vietnam, the same sets of protection items were used by the MSF and local medical teams.

MSF ordered the kits on Friday, April 4 from Belgium and the cargo arrived Hong Kong on Tuesday, April 8. The equipment was collected by the Hospital Authority the day after.

"As an international humanitarian organization, MSF is concerned for medical staff about the situation of SARS in Hong Kong," said Olivier Bonnet, MSF-Hong Kong Executive Director. "In treating patients with similar infectious diseases, the protection of medical staff is a priority. We hope to bring support and solidarity to Hong Kong front-line medical staff."

Meanwhile, MSF is re-enforcing its team in the Bach Mai hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam. The MSF team of six, in place since March 19, has set up an isolation wing in the hospital with a capacity for 100 patients. They are also providing training in isolation and protection techniques for the local medical staff and give psychological support to staff and patients.

MSF has also dispatched 200 antibiotic and 100 antiviral treatments to Hanoi.