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Republic of Congo

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MSF first worked in Congo in 1997 and closed its projects in 2013.

MSF supported refugees in Congo between 1997 and 2013.

MSF first worked in Congo in 1997 to assist refugees fleeing Rwanda, supporting three camps in the country’s north. Between 1998 and 2013 we left and returned to Republic of Congo multiple times as different needs arose and were met.

From malnutrition treatment to polio vaccination campaigns and support for refugees, we have provided care to communities in Republic of Congo in many forms. We continued to provide support to refugees in Likouala Department until 2013.

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Rose of Masisi

Project Update 27 Jul 2015
Democratic Republic of Congo

MSF works to limit the spread of Ebola

Project Update 14 Sep 2012
Republic of Congo

Cholera intervention focuses on coastal city in Congo-Brazzaville

Project Update 22 Feb 2007
Republic of Congo

Alarming sanitary conditions prevail in Congo-Brazzaville's Pool region

Press Release 12 Jan 2007
Republic of Congo

MSF returns to projects in the Pool region, Congo Brazzaville

Project Update 22 Feb 2006
Republic of Congo

Enough is enough - International Women's Day 2004

Project Update 5 Mar 2004
Republic of Congo

MSF responds to Ebola outbreak in Congo Brazzaville

Project Update 25 Nov 2003
Republic of Congo

MSF's return to Congo-Brazzaville's Pool region sees the 'ears of the hippopotamus'

Project Update 16 Sep 2003
Republic of Congo

Health levels inadequate Congo Brazzaville IDP camps

Project Update 9 Apr 2003
Republic of Congo

MSF launches rape awareness campaign in Congo-Brazzaville

Project Update 11 Mar 2003
Republic of Congo

Suspected ebola outbreak in Congo Brazzaville

Project Update 14 Feb 2003
Republic of Congo

Congo clashes force new exodus of 35,000

Project Update 4 Jan 2003