Refugee numbers fall to 13,000

Refugees in Albania as of June 17, 479 223 Refugees remaining in Albania 12 778 Refugees in camps and collective centres 438.

The UNHCR is estimating 13,000 refugees remaining in Albania with an increasing number of Kosovars entering via third countries. UNHCR officials have determined that part of the numeric discrepancy is due to refugees entering Albania from one locale and leaving via another. They have stopped official counts at border crossings consequently.

Additional numeric discrepancies include Kosovars who have made return trips to Albania and then departed to Kosovo again. They may have been counted multiple times. There is hope for a new, revised number to be released soon based on UNHCR on-going registration of refugees remaining in Albania, although correct figures are not expected for another four weeks.

Camps with any population are listed below Location July 28 July 30 Shkoder 366 11 Tirane 346 170 Durres 286 190 Kukes 215 0 Elbasen 81 58 Lezhe 9 9 Korce 6 0