Possible resettlement of East Timor refugees

There are concerns being raised about the East Timorese population currently forced to live in West Timor. They were forced from their homes in the post-election violence and are sheltering in West Timor.

Within weeks, the East Timorese may be relocated to other islands in the region. This could make it increasingly difficult for them to return to East Timor once the area has settled into a peaceful climate.

The Indonesian Government has argued that the 150,000 displaced Timorese have inadequate facilities in the West and resettlement is the only option. However, that pro-independence supporters are being forced out the western districts of East Timor may be in preparation for pro-Indonesia forces to either demand that the referendum be held again - this time with votes counted by district - or to insist that western districts of East Timor be incorporated into Indonesia, effectively partitioning the territory.

MSF has started assisting with the water and sanitation needs of the refugee population in West Timor installing latrines are being installed at the Stadium in Kupang.