Access to medicines

Overview of the MSF case load and action to October 16, 1999


TB has increased from two cases to 19.

A measles vaccination campaign is scheduled for five sites in and around Dili for October 19, 1999.

More than 130 nurses and midwives have been registered by the Dili Nursing School. MSF will be assisted by a number of the registered nurses in the measles vaccination campaign.

Mobile clinics

Liquica - MSF is conducting a daily clinic service using the mobile clinic operations. Between October 6-11, MSF handled a total of 305 new cases.

Baucau - Between October 6-9, 1999, the two mobile clinics provided treatment in Ossu, Viqueque, Queliquai, Bagguia and Laclubar and handled a total of 405 new cases.

MSF has transported between (50 and 60 metric tonnes of materials to East Timor. This includes medical and surgical kits, watsan materials, communications equipment and 13 vehicles. Cargo has arrived aboard ten planes and two ships.

MSF also has plastic sheeting, jerry cans, soap and blankets available for 30,000 people (6,000 families) for the remote mountainous areas in the Baucau, Liquica and Malina areas.