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Over 280 tonnes of food shipped to Angola to maintain MSF feeding centres

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With the severe malnutrition crisis in Angola expected to be the situation for the next six months to a year, MSF has shipped over 280 tonnes of milk and food to the country. These supplies will allow MSF to maintain its feeding centres in Angola for another three months.

The last of the shipments arrived in Luanda, Angola on June 26 and shall be distributed to the various MSF operations throughout the country. Part of the nutritional supplies left from Antwerp harbour three weeks ago; shipments take about three weeks to reach Angola from Europe.

MSF is currently running 44 feeding centres across 11 of the 18 provinces of Angola, feeding over 14,000 people at any one time. Estimates are that some 500,000 people throughout Angola are in varying states of malnutrition.

The shipments include 92 tonnes of milk, 40 tonnes of plumpy nuts, 30 tonnes of high-protein biscuits and 120 tonnes of corn-soya blend. All supplies have been delivered to the main feeding centres in Luena, Kuito and Camacupa. From there the supplies will be distributed to the MSF feeding centers throughout the country.

MSF has over 190 expats and over 2,000 national staff members working at the emergency, which is considered the worst malnutrition crisis in Africa in the past decade. MSF is active in 11 of the country's 18 provinces.