New project in the federal state of Shan

After two years of lobbying, MSF has gained permission to start a project in the federal state of Shan in Myanmar (Burma). The aim is to set up a combined project on HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and tuberculosis, which will target the general population (with special attention to school children over the age of 13) as well as seasonal workers, prostitutes and soldiers.

The activities will:

  • include general information
  • promote safe sex
  • advocate for recognition by the authorities of basic human rights for people with HIV/AIDS, who are currently excluded from society in Myanmar.

The STD component focusing specifically on seasonal workers and prostitutes, consists of education and treatment. In addition, the project intends to promote the use of clean needles and treatment of STDs by local health institutions, and lobby larger organisations, such as the UN, to take more action. The situation of minority groups in the state will also be watched closely. In one township a tuberculosis clinic will be set up and information will be distributed on the disease.