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MSF returns to Cangandala

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The team of MSF in Malange, Angola, has visited the town of Cangandala after having been absent for a month and has decided to resume activities there on Monday May 9, 2000.

MSF ran a therapeutic feeding centre (TFC) there, where several hundreds of children were treated. On March 24th, it became clear that the road from Malange to Cangandala was unsafe due to mines on the sides of the road.

There was no choice but to close the TFC. Meanwhile one-way traffic has been established, which switches direction halfway through the day. The food situation is still difficult and the team established cases of diarrhoea - but no cholera. The watersituation is problematic.

MSF is concerned about the fate of the children who were treated, but many were taken to Malange in April. Starting coming Monday, MSF will resume the activities in the feeding centre.