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MSF activities in Lebanon

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South Lebanon

Mental Health

Since August 1998, MSF has been helping to improve access to psycho-social support and mental health care for the conflict affected population, in the front-line areas of the Jezzine enclave and Nabatiye district, who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders.

MSF has been developing education programmes related to psycho-social problems and providing individual counselling and specialist consultations with psychiatrists/psychologists on a referral basis (by Lebanese professionals).

Since autumn 2000, MSF has been extending the programme into the formerly Israeli occupied zone. MSF plans to hand the project over to the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs and other local counterparts in March 2001.

Medical Emergency Capacity

MSF is currently completing an extensive training programme throughout Southern Lebanon, including the former Israeli occupied zone, for Lebanese Red Cross sections and medical emergency facilities to improve emergency first aid skills, including the utilisation utilisation of first-aid equipment provided through MSF and the ICRC.