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MSF in action with limited security

War in Gaza:: find out how we're responding
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There have been tensions with recent gunfire being heard in Dili. However it appears to have been people shooting into the air as there have been no casualties reported in the hospital. The MSF staff in Dili are only working in a local hospital as security is inadequate for the team to move externally.

There are some infrastructure issues such as a lack of electricity in certain parts of the city, but the hospital has essential services. The Internally Displaced Population (IDP) has started to return. It is unknown where they came from as IDPs fled both to the countryside, neighbouring islands and West Timor during the post-election conflict.

In West Timor, the construction of latrines and other sanitation services is continuing in the Stadium. So far 114 latrines have been constructed and MSF has assisted in water tank improvements for the 14,000 refugees sheltering there. MSF has sent exploratory teams to the surrounding islands where there may be future resettlement of IDPs. Approximately 2,000 refugees have been reported on Weter Island, directly north of East Timor. In Buton, another 200 IDPs arrived overnight and join the now 60,000 displaced from Ambon.