We see pregnant women dying from HIV

Mamotsieleli Molofotsane from Lesotho is around 20 years old. She has three children and is pregnant with her fourth. Mamotsieleli has been tested HIV positive and is on ARV treatment. Her three children have been tested HIV negative.

To go to the MSF supported clinic of Ha Seng, she has to walk many hours.  As a result, many women have a poor adherence to their treatment. Some are not coming to the health centres on a regular basis. When a pregnant woman like Mamotsieleli doesn’t adhere well to her ARV treatment, it increases the risk of her transmitting the virus to her child. It also means that her treatment will not work properly for herself: she will get sick, resistant to treatment and ultimately risk death. Maternal mortality - linked to HIV - in Lesotho is one of the highest in the world.