Staff testimonies from the upgraded reconstructive surgery hospital in Amman

Dr. Rasheed Fakhri, Surgical Coordinator

“I see the MSF Reconstructive Surgery Project as a very unique project. Its mission goes beyond the physical care of war victims as it aims to improve the quality of their lives as much as possible. This project provides a comprehensive package of psychological care and rehabilitation, allowing the patient to reintegrate into their societies after their treatment. Moving into a new hospital is a significant step in the life of this project. It will facilitate MSF’s mission to improve the quality of the medical services, which we will provide to patients in the coming years. This new facility will also open new horizons, allowing us to add new surgical specialties, not to mention the possibility to develop a healthy work environment and improve our disinfection policies.”

Yahya Qaleela, Nurse Director

“I joined MSF’s Reconstructive Surgery Project in Amman in 2014. I had worked before with MSF in Yemen. It is indeed a great challenge to move into a new hospital structure. It is difficult to adapt to a new working environment where we strive to improve our medical services. However, we now have more space for MSF medical protocols, especially when it comes to disinfection and infection control.”