Mosul : Qayyarah hospital
Accessing healthcare is a daily challenge for thousands of people in Iraq.

After years of armed conflict and instability, the health sector in Iraq is struggling to get back on its feet.

Many health facilities are destroyed and those still operating lack medical supplies and qualified health workers.

The humanitarian needs in Iraq remain extremely high. Many cities retaken from the Islamic State (IS) group are severely damaged or destroyed.

Thousands of people returning home confront a desperate lack of access to medical care and other services.

Our teams are currently responding to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in Iraq.

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In 2018
Vaccination in Qayyarah camps
The need is enormous, the trauma experienced by the people here is hard to imagine. MSF nurse Vera Schmitz

Iraq: Life after the war

Newly renovated ICU Opens at Sulaymaniyah Emergency Hospital

Newly renovated intensive care unit opens at Sulaymaniyah emergency hospital

Project Update 21 Nov 2016
Iraq, Mossul, Surgical Field Hospital

As fighting intensifies, MSF bolsters response around Mosul

Project Update 21 Nov 2016
Operations in Irak
Photo Story

MSF operations in Iraq

16 Sep 2016
Photo Story
Mental health Khanaqin camp, Iraq

Mental health and war trauma in Iraq

Project Update 29 Aug 2016
MSF clinic in Abu Ghraib (Baghdad)

There is a lack of humanitarian actors in Baghdad area

Voices from the Field 10 Jun 2016
Mobile clinic in Tel Afar - Ninewa - Iraq

I left all my memories in Mosul

Voices from the Field 10 Jun 2016

Displaced people face their third summer in harsh conditions

Project Update 10 Jun 2016
Mediterranean migration

The mismanagement and poor planning Europe is demonstrating is beyond belief

Project Update 12 May 2016
Ioannina, Greece
Project Update

Testimony from Yazidi refugees in Katsikas Camp, Greece

Voices from the Field 12 May 2016
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13 June 2018