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HR Coordinator

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The Human Resources Coordinator at MSF plays a crucial role in overseeing all aspects of human resources management within the mission.

They collaborate closely with the Mission Coordination Team to align HR strategies with operational objectives and organizational values. From recruitment and performance management to policy implementation and conflict resolution, the HR Coordinator ensures the mission has the necessary capacities and competencies to achieve its goals effectively.

This is an exciting and diverse role involving some or all of the following:


  • Actively contribute to defining the mission's objectives and strategic plans as a member of the Mission Coordination Team (MCT).
  • Manage all human resources management and administrative issues throughout the mission in alignment with legal requirements and organizational HR vision.
  • Align mission objectives with broader HR institutional objectives, supporting staff development beyond mission roles.
  • Analyze local capacities and optimize team set-up to achieve mission objectives effectively.
  • Provide guidance to the MCT in designing job profiles, organizational charts, and decision-making channels.
  • Plan HR operational and budgetary needs, ensuring efficient HR sizing and capabilities.
  • Develop HR strategies at the mission level to ensure the availability of required capacities and competencies.
  • Define and implement local policies while ensuring adherence to MSF standard policies and guidelines.
  • Oversee recruitment processes and develop recruitment strategies based on labor market analysis.
  • Support and coach MCT members in their roles as people managers.
  • Provide technical expertise on HR and administrative issues at the mission level.
  • Supervise all human resources and administration teams in the capital.
  • Implement and oversee the Performance Management System (PMS) throughout the mission.
The role involves long hours and hard work, but it's a wonderful opportunity to work closely with staff across all nationalities. Reena Sattar, MSF human resources coordinator
  • Coordinate career development programs and a fair rewarding policy in accordance with MSF policies and local regulations.
  • Coordinate internal communication policies to promote commitment to MSF values.
  • Conduct staff briefings and induction programs for all staff categories.
  • Manage administrative processes and resolve conflicts to ensure legal compliance and employer branding awareness.
  • Stay updated on the labor market landscape through studies and benchmarking.
  • Ensure compliance with national legal frameworks regarding internal regulations and HR-related policies.
  • Promote internal and external mobility of key staff and develop mobility policies.
  • Ensure implementation of safety, security, and medical protocols for staff well-being.
  • Provide expertise to supervisors/managers on HR management and conflict resolution.
  • Intervene in conflict resolution among staff and manage behavioral issues.
  • Ensure proper use of HR systems and data quality in collaboration with relevant departments.
  • Manage international and internal movements and accommodation arrangements for staff.
  • Report HR indicators to decision-makers for planning and strategy refinement.
  • Facilitate end-of-assignment debriefings and share experiences with the HR department.
  • Represent MSF in meetings with authorities and other NGOs regarding HR and administrative issues.


  • Degree in HR management or administration-related studies.
  • Minimum of two years of relevant working experience in similar roles.
  • Proficiency in the essential mission working language.


  • Strategic vision
  • Leadership skills
  • People management abilities
  • Planning expertise
  • Strong teamwork capabilities
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