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Gaza protest

Great March of Return

War in Gaza:: find out how we're responding
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Nearly every Friday between 30 March 2018 and December 2019, protestors in the ‘Great March of Return’ demonstrations in Gaza, Palestine were met with hails of bullets from the Israeli army.

In December 2019, our teams in Gaza were treating more than 900 patients with gunshot wounds. Between the first protest in March 2018 and 30 November 2019, we admitted more than 4,830 people to our trauma clinics. More than 7,900 people were shot with live ammunition over this period, according to the Ministry of Health.

The need for specialised treatment due to the severity and complexity of the protestors’ injuries vastly exceeds the capacity of local authorities and the few organisations working in Gaza, including MSF.


Gaza: What now?

MSF response to the Great March of Return protests

What type of care can those injured in the Great March of Return protests expect in hospitals that have been under a blockade for a decade?

Treating Gaza’s infections
Antibiotic resistance

Treating resistant infections in Gaza under the blockade

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One year after the “bloodbath” of 14 May

Gaza, one year after the protests’ bloodiest day

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Gaza protest

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Gaza: MSF providing care for the victims of the Great March of Return

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Surgeries in Al-Awda Hospital

The challenge of filling gaps in the legs of Gaza’s wounded

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Gaza - Lifelong impact of gunshot injuries

Gazans’ injuries risk permanently shattering lives

Press Release 29 Nov 2018
“My hope for the future? I don’t have hope”

“When I sleep, it feels like knives moving through my leg”

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“My hope for the future? I don’t have hope”

“Nothing can prepare you for this”

Voices from the Field 2 Oct 2018
Gaza protest

Gaza: A long ordeal awaits hundreds of wounded from the March of Return

Project Update 8 Aug 2018
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