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Gaza - attacks must stop now!

War in Gaza:: find out how we're responding
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As the war in Gaza stretches into a ninth week, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) launches a campaign to call for an immediate and sustained ceasefire. In addition, we call for a stop on the attacks on healthcare, on indiscriminate bombing, on the forcible displacement of people, and on the siege which is depriving over a million Palestinians in Gaza of essential food, water, shelter and medical care.

MSF offices around the world are targeting their governments or multilateral organisations with open letters, protests and social media initiatives.

On this page, you will find the key elements behind our campaign; we encourage you to join our mobilisation by sharing these materials on your own social media channels and help us to demand that in Gaza, it must all stop now!

Open letter to the UN Security Council

MSF International President Dr Christos Christou has written to the United Nations Security Council, asking them to use their diplomatic leverage to stop the attacks and end the siege.

Read the letter here.

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Printable posters

(A4 or A3 size)

Use them in demonstrations, protests or to take photos to share on social media.

Download the printable posters (zip, 3Mo)
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This is our open letter for Gaza. We are witnessing the fundamental principle of humanity being openly disgraced. We are watching as hospitals are being actively targeted and turned into morgues. Despite Israel’s claims, its all-out assault is not being waged just on Hamas. It is being waged on all of Gaza and its people at any cost. Even wars have rules. But Israel is clearly trading them in for its own military doctrine based on disproportionality. Northern Gaza is being erased from the map. The people of Gaza have been handed a death sentence. It is inhumane and indefensible. Thus far, world leaders have either been complicit by funding or providing Israel with weapons, or have made no efforts other than empty words. “We did what we could. Remember us.” *Al-Awda Hospital The indiscriminate and relentless attacks must stop now. The forcible displacements must stop now. The assaults on hospitals and medical staff must stop now. The siege and restrictions on aid must stop now. It must ALL STOP NOW. MSF logo 2023

Gaza - Stop now - ENG

Gaza - Stop now - ENG