First repatriation returnees examined by MSF in Dili

MSF staff conducted health screenings of the first returnees of East Timorese who sheltered in West Timor during the recent violence. They arrived in Dili, East Timor on UNHCR repatriation flights. The returnees were brought to the Stadium in Dili as their final scheduled destination.

The first wave of returnees were selected according to the criteria that they are families returning to Dili or they had been separated from their families and would rejoin them in Dili.

There were flights scheduled for Friday and Saturday. Flights would then restart today (Monday October 11).

The expectation was that most returnees would have intentions to return to their original homes, versus adding to the people currently living in the Stadium.

From the Friday flight, most returnees have been reunited with their families or have gone on to live in what remains of their homes. Only three families remained in the Stadium.

The current population living in the stadium is approximately 700.

The mobile clinics have also been active with visits to Liquisa. The route has been `green-lighted` by the UN, meaning the road is considered safe for travel without convoy assistance.

An exploratory trip to Ainaro, 60kms south of Dili, is planned for Tuesday October 12. The MSF team intends to bring shelter material in addition to the services of the mobile clinic.