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"First MSF Paediatric days to be organised in Stockholm in September"

"The First MSF Paediatric Days will raise field-relevant, often neglected, paediatric scientific topics. But the days also aim to provide an inspiring meeting platform for the MSF paediatric community – to make us visible, and to form a strong network on which we can build future achievements for child survival." Sahar Nejat, MSF field paediatrician

Newborns, children and adolescents constitute a major part of MSF patients worldwide. Yet there is a lack of basic paediatric skills and a shortage of paediatric trained staff in MSF field projects. The MSF International Paediatric Working Group is addressing the gaps through a number of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of paediatric field care. The development of paediatric guidelines and the setup of paediatric training for MSF staff are examples of contributions to this cause. Despite these advances, demands for paediatric skills, knowledge and evidence based practice are still high and make up a huge task ahead. 

The First MSF Paediatric Days will provide a platform where MSF field staff and medical coordinators can meet with academia to enhance the quality of MSF paediatric programmes and address current paediatric issues through evidence based examples. The days also seek to inspire paediatric staff, to reinforce the paediatric agenda and to provide the common grounds for paediatric advocacy within MSF and beyond.

More information on the event can be found here.

MSF personnel working in paediatric and neonatal settings are invited to submit an abstract for evaluation to be presented at the Paediatric Days. The deadline is 24 June.

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