Father's speech at presentation of Arjan Erkel petition

Today we are here, near the Kremlin to ask President Putin to help to release my son, Arjan. We are missing him now for 233 days. I want to make a strong appeal to the authorities and the kidnappers for the release of Arjan.

I want to thank the hundreds of thousands of people in Russia, Dagestan, Holland and all over the world for signing our petition. We have collected more than 300.000 signatures so far!

We trust in a good result. We are convinced that Arjan is alive. So we go on in good coordination with Médecins sans Frontières and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs with all our activities.

We want to keep Arjan in the attention of everybody. It is very emotional for us and a great support to have Nina Davidovitch here with us.

She is the living proof of what a human being can stand. I ask you all in name of the whole family: stay with us and keep on supporting us. I will end with the same message as I gave on the 12th of February, when we were also here.

Arjan, We love you We miss you We won't let you down In Dutch, maybe Arjan can hear me Arjan, We houden van je We missen je We laten je niet vallen And in Russian: Arjan, Mie tebja ljoebiem Mie skoetsjajem pa tebje Mie tebja nje podvidjom Thank you