Making of participatory video

Co-designing health programmes with the community in Chad

Following medical and anthropological research, MSF started a pilot project in Sila in eastern Chad at the end of 2021, co-designing a health program with the community that brings care for the most common morbidities closer to their homes. Rather than being passive ‘beneficiaries’, community members are equal partners and put at the heart of all strategic decision-making.

Communities are experts on their circumstances and how they can be supported in improving their health and access to healthcare.  MSF follows their guidance to ensure that we contribute to more sustainable health systems that can function after MSF’s departure.

In May 2022 we produced a video in Sila that captures the community’s current situation, their suggestions for solutions and expectations for a partnership with MSF, as well as MSF’s understanding of the community-led project. 


Listening to the community - MSF pilot programme in Chad

Community members were trained in using a camera and actively participated in the filming and development of messages.

We also produced a participatory video that only focuses on the community's perspective and was filmed in large parts by community members.


Listening to the community - Sila community's perspective

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