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MSF worked in Chile following the earthquake that struck the country in February 2010.

MSF provided support in Chile following an earthquake in 2010.

After an 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Chile on 27 February 2010, MSF sent a team to the country to assess needs.

The earthquake’s impact zone covered nearly 1,000 kilometres and we focused our efforts on isolated areas in Chile’s coastal region, including the coastal area in Maule region and near the city of Concepción, where we provided medical consultations through mobile clinics and distributed sanitary kits. MSF also provided psychological support for people who were affected by the earthquake.

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Ongoing support to hospitals, plus mobile clinics and more supplies after earthquake in Chile

Project Update 9 Mar 2010

Initial aid to hospitals and assessments in areas most affected by earthquake in Chile

Project Update 3 Mar 2010

First MSF team in Chile assessing earthquake damage - more staff en route

Project Update 1 Mar 2010

MSF sends teams to Chile to evaluate the situation after earthquake

Project Update 27 Feb 2010