Bishop Carlos Belo returns to East Timor

Bishop Carlos Belo, who shared the Nobel price in 1996 with Ramos Horta, has returned to East Timor after a month spent in exile.

After a brief stopover in Dili, he went on to his hometown Baucau. Additional political development has seen Kofi Anan recommend, to the UN Security Council, the establishment of the UN Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) in East Timor.

It would include up to 8,950 troops, 200 military observers, 1,640 police and a very large, but unspecified, number of civilian officials to administer virtually all public services. Anan foresees UNTAET to have a time frame of two to three years. Interfet, the UN Intervention Force East Timor has dropped its demand that the pro-independence guerillas disarm.