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Up to 2,000 returnees per day

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There has been an increase in returnees to East Timor with flights, boats and now land convoys bringing them to their homeland. Estimations are that up to 2,000 people per day are returning. Transit camps are being installed en route by the UNHCR; Security is being addressed by Interfet, CIVPOL and the UNHCR.

A UN Special Rapporteurs on Torture, Violence Against Women, and Summary Executions are on a fact-finding mission and meeting with witnesses, UN agencies and NGOs. The Rapporteurs intend to push for pressure on the Indonesian Government to open the camps in West Timor for protection and humanitarian assistance.

Boat arrivals showing increased malaria cases and generally poor health. In Maliana, an MSF doctor doing medical consultations has found that among 63 patients seen in the clinic, 23 fled to the hills and 40 went to West Timor (Haekesak, Turiskai, others). There are many reports that the men had fled to the hills. Other reports are that returnees were being looted (jewellery, clothes, any food, soap) - of these 11 had to pay. The other 12 did not pay.