Plans for long term NGO activity in Albania

The NGOs staying in Tirana have issued a press release in co-operation with the Humanitarian/NGO information centre in Tirana. Among others, the 'long-term' NGOs include: IMC, CARE, MERLIN, MDM and CRS. The donors include: UN, UNICEF, WHO, Danida and DFID.

MSF will also stay in Albania and is considering different possibilities for long term projects. "The influx of refugees into Albania also created a rapid increase in international NGOs and donor funds entering the country. Great concern has been raised that now that the refugees have left, so will the NGOs and the donors.

This is not going to be the case. Development that is being considered and planned include: rehabilitation of medical facilities and schools, teacher and medical training, legal services, local NGO capacity building, democratisation and small scale water and sanitation programs".