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As an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist (OB/GYN) you will work in one of our many projects focusing on reproductive health.

The OB/GYN works in close collaboration with both international and national staff, notably with the head charge midwife. Duties include:

  • Perform both emergency and planned OB/GYN surgery
  • manage obstetric complications such as instrumental assisted deliveries
  • manage post-operative follow-up in conjunction with an anaesthetist
  • train and support both surgical and midwifery staff.

Your clinical skills and resourcefulness will be put to the test primarily because the health care infrastructure in the locations we work may have fallen apart.

As the key referent for obstetric complications, you may be on call 24/7 for the duration of your placement.


OB/GYN Veronica Ades: Rising to New Challenges


  • Compliance with Essential Criteria for all potential Field Workers
  • Registration, recognition and qualifications of a national obstetric/gynaecological college
  • Current or recent practical experience with an emphasis on obstetric practice (as opposed to gynaecology)
  • Willingness to provide care in line with Médecins Sans Frontières policy and protocols for women's health, including safe termination of pregnancy, which is performed where requested across our projects. It is a requirement of OB/GYN staff to accept that they will provide, when requested, a safe termination of pregnancy while working in our projects.
  • Available to work infield for a minimum of 6 weeks


  • Competency with ultrasonography equipment (available in some locations)
  • Willingness to commit for up to 6 months; several projects involve a significant training and skills transfer component therefore some longer placements are available.
Dr Severine Caluwaerts, MSF obstetrician-gynaecologist and OCB Women’s Health Advisor, talking with a mother and her daughter, a patient in Khost maternity hospital
One of the women needed four units of blood and has given us quite some stress, but she went home with a big smile today. Severine Caluwaerts, OB/GYN from Belgium

Treating mums and babies in Khost, Afghanistan

Jobs in the Field
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