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Kunduz Hospital After the Attack

Kunduz hospital attack

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On 3 October 2015, US airstrikes destroyed our trauma hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, killing 42 people.

Patients burned in their beds, medical staff were decapitated and lost limbs, and others were shot from the air while they fled the burning building.

The 92-bed hospital was the only facility treating major trauma injuries in all of northeastern Afghanistan, serving thousands of people. Since opening the hospital in 2011, more than 15,000 surgeries were conducted and more than 68,000 emergency patients were treated.

Following the attack, we demanded an independent investigation by the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission (IHFFC). In April 2016 , the US military released its own investigative report. The request for an independent investigation has so far gone unanswered.

Kunduz 1 Year after: The history of the hospital | Re-edit

Kunduz 1 Year after: The history of the hospital

Kunduz: The History of the MSF Hospital

This video combines an overview of the major events of the MSF facility that was bombed on the 03 October 2015 and the testimony of an MSF staff member, Faizullah. Faizullah relates how everything happened from its own experience and how he and Dr Sattar, tried to escape. Unfortunately, Dr Sattar, his friend and colleague, lost his life during the bombings.

MSF staff in Kunduz

MSF staff gather In Kunduz

Project Update 30 Oct 2015
Kunduz Hospital After the Attack

Death toll from the MSF hospital attack in Kunduz still rising

Crisis Update 23 Oct 2015
Kunduz hospital attack

MSF launches petition drive for Afghanistan attack investigation

Press Release 15 Oct 2015
Solidarity Kunduz
Kunduz hospital attack

IHFFC awaits US, Afghanistan consent to proceed with independent investigation

Statement 14 Oct 2015
MSF Staff Killed and Hospital Partially Destroyed in Kunduz, Afghanistan.
Photo Story

MSF under attack in Kunduz

12 Oct 2015
Photo Story
Trauma Centre Kunduz
Photo Story

The patients and stories of MSF's Kunduz hospital

7 Oct 2015
Photo Story

Factsheet: Kunduz Hospital Attack

Project Update 7 Oct 2015

MSF calls for State activation of the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission to investigate Afghanistan bombing

Speech 7 Oct 2015

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) denounces blatant breach of International Humanitarian Law

Statement 6 Oct 2015
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