Intervention in Marche region
MSF teams are working in several provinces across Italy, responding to the severe coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

Our teams are providing medical, logistical and water and sanitation expertise in hospitals and nursing homes, particularly in the Marche and Lombardy regions, in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We work with migrants and refugees who come to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, providing them mental healthcare across multiple reception centres in Sicily’s Trapani province, where a team of cultural mediators and psychologists screen asylum seekers for psychological vulnerabilities and provide care to those in need.

For migrants in transit along Italy's borders with France, Switzerland, and Slovenia, we provide medical care, shelter, psychological care, food and other essential items.

In 2019

Survivors of boat collapse off Lampedusa coast receive medical and psychological care

Project Update 12 Apr 2011

MSF claims sanitary conditions in Lampedusa, Italy, below humanitarian standards

Statement 1 Apr 2011
War and conflict

Support to health facilities in the Middle East and North Africa

Project Update 23 Mar 2011
Sexual violence

MSF denounces the sexual violence against migrants travelling to Europe

Report 25 Mar 2010

Violence in southern Italy exposes extreme neglect and exploitation of seasonal migrant workers

Press Release 12 Jan 2010
Project Update

MSF urges European governments to respect life, dignity and healthcare of migrants and asylum seekers

Press Release 16 Dec 2009

MSF fears for migrants forced back to Libya

Press Release 19 Nov 2009

MSF assists the five survivors - 73 feared dead - of boat tragedy in Lampedusa, Italy

Project Update 25 Aug 2009

One refugee describes his attempts to find a better life

Voices from the Field 13 Jul 2009