EMG Guidelines for Future Assistance to Albania

The Emergency Management Group has released guidelines for projects that can be undertaken in the rehabilitation period for Albania.

The following is taken directly from the EMG information

Immediate rehabilitation projects should first address the immediate impacts from the refugee crisis. The EMG encourages pojects that bring facilities, infrastrructure and services at least back to the level before the crisis.

Other projects, however, should be considered that will assist prefects and towns most affected by the emergency to recover fromlost income, degraded services and affected families.

Priorities will vary from prefect to prefect and local officials should be directly involved in development of projects by NGOs and others.

The following are categories that the EMG sees as the possible priority areas for immediate rehabilitation. It is not all inclusive and other categories should be considered as appropriate.

  • Rehabilitation of Tented Camps
  • Upgrading of Collective Centres for winter accomodation of remaining refugees
  • Restoration of Collective Centres that now cease to house refugees
  • Other building s and facilities used by refugees
  • Water and sanitation systems affected, including solid waste removal systems
  • Other infrastructure directly affected by the emergency (drainage, roads, bridges)
  • Schools and education material
  • Health Centres including equipment
  • Transportation facilities
  • Income generating facilities (fish ponds)
  • Environmentally damaged facilites such as parks and forest areas