MSF closed its projects in Croatia in 1998.

Transit Zone on the Serbia - Hungarian Border

Sharp increase in violence against migrants since border closures in the Balkans

Project Update 22 Jul 2016
On the Greek / Macedonian Border at Idomeni

Thousands stranded as new arbitrary border restrictions expose refugees to violence

Crisis Update 23 Feb 2016
Trapani Italy - refugee reception and mental health
Mediterranean migration

European policies dramatically worsened the so-called 2015 “refugee crisis”

Report 19 Jan 2016
Syrian refugees in Serbia
Mediterranean migration

Hundreds stranded without aid as new border control measures come into force

Crisis Update 26 Nov 2015
Family At The Sid-Tovarnik Border, Serbia
Photo Story

In European Fields

27 Oct 2015
Photo Story

People in transit in urgent need of assistance

Press Release 26 Oct 2015