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Mobile Clinics in Akobo and Kier : providing access to basic healthcare in remote areas

Women's health

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An estimated 99 per cent of women who die in childbirth or from pregnancy-related complications live in developing countries. Most of these deaths are preventable.

Be it in conflict, in a natural disaster, a disease outbreak, or in an HIV programme - women are in need of specific care. Reproductive healthcare is an integral part of the medical care we provide, including in emergencies. In areas where maternal death is high, such as in Afghanistan or the Central African Republic, we've opened specific projects to provide care to women. The five main causes of maternal death are haemorrhage, sepsis, unsafe abortion, complications linked to high blood pressure, and obstructed labour.

For information on safe abortion care, please visit our dedicated page.

Women's Health

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Women's health

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Women's health

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5000 Children of Adele (EN)

5000 Children of Adele (EN)

The 5000 children of Adele

Adele is a Central African midwife in the country's biggest maternity ward in Bangui.

This is the story of what it's like to help deliver babies under gunshots, but also what it means to be a woman in a country with one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.

We produce important research based on our field experience. So far, we have published articles in over 100 peer-reviewed journals. These articles have often changed clinical practice and have been used for humanitarian advocacy. Read all our Women's Health-related articles on our dedicated Field Research website.

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