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Mental Health Officer

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Mental Health Activity Managers at MSF is essential in coordinating and overseeing mental health initiatives in project areas.

Like frontline communicators, Mental Health Activity Managers strategize, plan, and implement protocols to provide vital support to patients in challenging environments. With a background in psychology or related fields, along with essential experience and competencies, they play a crucial role in ensuring the quality of care and treatment for those in need, contributing directly to MSF's humanitarian efforts.

This is an exciting and diverse role involving some or all of the following:


  • Define, coordinate, and monitor all mental health-related activities in the project area.
  • Identify the needs of mental health support in the target population and participate in strategizing and planning MSF's mental health activities.
  • Develop technical materials and coordinate the implementation of mental health protocols and procedures.
  • Plan and supervise staff processes including recruitment, training, evaluation, and internal communication.
  • Coordinate and ensure regular follow-up of mental health activities with clients, maintaining neutrality and ensuring proper behaviour during sessions.
  • Map and update existing mental health services and collaborate with other project components.
  • Participate in counselling and prevention activities when needed and report on monthly statistics and problematic situations to aid decision-making.
  • Ensure proper treatment for psychiatric patients either within MSF programmes or through referral.
Some days it feels like a bandage on a gaping wound. Other days the smiles and laughter fill my heart with joy and I lose any doubt that the work I am doing is worthwhile. Joelle Depeyrot, Mental health officer

Depending on our activities and needs, your responsibilities may be adapted and evolve according to the specific projects.

You will not be facing these challenges alone—other MSF team members, both international and locally hired staff, will provide technical support, including extensive guidelines and protocols.


  • Degree/master in psychology, social work, or MD degree with specialisation in psychiatry.
  • Minimum of two years of work experience as a psychologist or in a similar profession.
  • Desirable experience with MSF or other NGOs, and desirable experience in developing countries.
  • Proficiency in the mission language; knowledge of the local working language is desirable.
  • Essential computer literacy (Word, Excel, and internet).


  • Experience working with MSF or other NGOs.
  • Experience in developing countries.
  • Proficiency in the local working language.
  • Competencies in people management, commitment to MSF principles, behavioural flexibility, results and quality orientation, teamwork, and cooperation.
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