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Magaria pediatric unit and ITFC
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Each year, malaria kills around 600,000 people. 80 per cent of all deaths are children under five years of age.

The disease is easy enough to treat, but access to the most effective treatments remains inadequate. Over 95 per cent of all malaria deaths occur on the African continent. Impregnated mosquito nets are expensive and out of reach for many. The parasite which causes malaria is beginning to show resistance in parts of Asia to the most effective drug we have. And there are no new drugs in the development pipeline, meaning we could be left without effective options in the future.


Quick facts about malaria

DRC Mweso North Kivu July 2011
Democratic Republic of Congo

MSF to resume medical humanitarian assistance in the Mweso health zone after 4 months absence

Press Release 15 Apr 2016
South Sudan - Pibor violence and looting
South Sudan

MSF issues open letter on nationwide lack of essential medicines

Statement 7 Apr 2016
South Sudan - Pibor violence and looting
South Sudan

Activity Update, March 2016

Crisis Update 1 Apr 2016
South Sudan - Pibor violence and looting
South Sudan

MSF resumes limited medical activities in Pibor in response to urgent medical needs

Project Update 17 Mar 2016
Carnot, CAR
Central African Republic

Despite the return to calm some displaced people in Carnot have yet to return home

Opinion 7 Mar 2016
South Sudan - Pibor violence and looting
South Sudan

Looming medical crisis in Pibor following devastating violence and looting of MSF medical compound

Press Release 4 Mar 2016
Fighting in Malakal, South Sudan
South Sudan

MSF condemns outrageous attack in UN protection site in Malakal

Press Release 2 Mar 2016
Malnutrition and malaria in Manono health zone
Democratic Republic of Congo

Children who survived measles are now suffering from malnutrition and malaria

Project Update 24 Feb 2016
Conditions in Kapise village, Malawi

Humanitarian standards not reachable for more than 5,800 Mozambican refugees in Kapise camp

Voices from the Field 17 Feb 2016

We produce important research based on our field experience. So far, we have published articles in over 100 peer-reviewed journals. These articles have often changed clinical practice and have been used for humanitarian advocacy. Read all our Malaria-related articles on our dedicated Field Research website.

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