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Our supply logisticians make sure our projects are equipped with everything that's needed to deal with an emergency.

From collecting supplies off an MSF plane on a makeshift runway, to working with the medical team to forecast medical supplies months in advance, the work of a supply logistician is far reaching and vital to the whole team.

As a logistician with MSF, you will be integral to the smooth functioning of our missions, ensuring the efficient implementation of technical and logistical strategies alongside the Head of Mission and Cell Logistic Advisor.

Your responsibilities will range from participating in the planning and budgeting processes to monitoring logistics activities on the ground, ensuring compliance with MSF standards and protocols. You'll play a crucial role in managing logistics staff, providing technical guidance, and maintaining essential facilities and equipment.

This is an exciting and diverse role involving some or all of the following:


  • Participating in the definition and implementation of technical and logistics strategies with the Head of Mission and Cell Logistic Advisor (TeLoCo).
  • Assisting in the development of annual project planning, budgets, and Emergency Preparation Plan.
  • Monitoring logistics/technical/supply activities and ensuring compliance with MSF standards and protocols.
  • Participating in the recruitment, training, and performance evaluation of logistics staff.
  • Providing technical reference and coaching to logistics staff.
  • Ensuring functional office and lodging facilities and maintenance of equipment.
  • Implementing technical aspects of risk reduction rules and security plans.
  • Establishing and maintaining communication means within the mission.
  • Providing reports on project/mission evolution from a technical/logistics perspective.
The supply department is basically the backbone of every project. Anup Ravi, MSF logistician

In this dynamic role, your duties may vary depending on the mission's requirements, allowing for adaptability and growth in response to specific project demands. You'll find support and collaboration from a diverse team of MSF members, offering technical assistance and comprehensive guidance to navigate challenges effectively.


  • Technical degree/diploma.
  • At least two years of relevant working experience, preferably with MSF or other NGOs in developing countries.
  • Proficiency in the mission language.
  • Mandatory fluency in English or French.
  • Essential computer literacy (Word, Excel, and Internet).


  • Experience in people management and development.
  • Commitment to MSF principles.
  • Behavioural flexibility.
  • Results and quality orientation.
  • Teamwork and cooperation skills.
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