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Worldwide, an estimated 58 million people are infected with the hepatitis C virus, with about 1.5 million new infections occurring per year.

While hepatitis C can be cured, few people have access to treatment.  

A blood-borne virus that attacks the liver, hepatitis C kills hundreds of thousands of people each year, mostly from resulting complications, usually cirrhosis or liver cancer.

While hepatitis C is found worldwide, the vast majority of people with the disease live in developing countries; China, India, Egypt, and Indonesia are particularly affected.

Hepatitis C is a curable disease, but millions don't have access to treatment due to high prices.


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Quick facts about hepatitis C

When Big Pharma plays for keeps, who wins and who loses? (ENG)

When Big Pharma plays for keeps, who wins and who loses? (ENG)

When Big Pharma plays for keeps, who wins and who loses?

In this video, we follow the development of sofosbuvir, a true breakthrough drug for hepatitis C, a severe virus that attacks the liver and can be deadly.

The story of sofosbuvir illustrates how research and development for new prescription drugs really works.

After a scientist who got millions in tax-dollars started a small company that did the long work of discovering a new medicine, and showed that it was safe and effective, a giant corporation bought up the next big blockbuster drug and cashed in.

As the new owner of sofosbuvir, Gilead continued clinical trials to learn more about the drug’s effectiveness, safety, side-effects and dosage before seeking government approval to bring the new drug to market.

Gilead first set the price for sofosbuvir at $1000 per pill. That made its worth per gram 67 times greater than gold, but research shows that it only costs $42 to produce.


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Hepatitis C

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